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In the Beginning ...

The Fort Lauderdale Alumni began to form in 1953 at the dental office of Brother James L. Dallas. Prior to the meeting, five of the ten brothers needed to charter the chapter were members of the Miami Alumni. They were brothers: Samuel Sworn; James L. Dallas; Dr. Calvin Shirley; George Davis; Dr. Leonard Bass. The five additional brothers were Cornelius Rolle, William H. Johnson, Betram Sears, Henry Lamor, Luscious Sanctious. Brothers Beauregard Cummings and Frank Scruggs joined the group when the group was officially chartered, bringing the amount of founders' to twelve.

 On February 21, 1954 Grand Polemarch Henry Green completed the joint installation ceremonies for Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach Chapters. The ceremonies were followed by a dinner banquet and a dance for both chapters in Fort Lauderdale. The chapters were nicknamed, "Grand Chapter" by Grand Polemarch Henry Green for becoming the first pair of twins ever born in the Kappa Family.

 Dr. Calvin Shirley served as the chapter's charter Polemarch in 1956.

 Thru the Years ...

 Fort Lauderdale Alumni continues to be a "beacon of light" to the community it serves. The chapters footprint and impact have had a positive influence in Broward County.

 Mentorship, volunteerism and philanthropy are cornerstones of the chapter.

 The chapter boosts an impressive list of high achievers, including, the Honorable Congressman Alcee Hastings recepient of the highest honor of achievement in the fraternity: The Laurel Wreath Award.

 Fort Lauderdale Alumni has won several "Chapter of the Year" Awards - and continues to build on its legacy and contributions to Broward County.

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